Access Bars®

Bars: Access Consciousness®

What is it?

Access Bars sessions can be a wonderfully relaxing experience.
ne of the things that the Bars really contributes, is opening people up to receiving.

  • Receiving nurturance.
  • Receiving relaxation.
  • Receiving more of the space they be. 

Who is it for?

This process is for anyone interested in looking and feeling more energetic. The Access Consciousness® also can contribute to overall wellbeing, and ease in the body.

How Long Does The Treatment Last?

Each session lasts around 60-90 minutes.

How many sessions will I Need?

There is no recommended number of sessions of Access Consciousness® to achieve incredible results and reap the full benefits of this process.

However, just like going to the gym, the more you receive it, the more you will continue to benefit from Access Consciousness®.

Access Bars®

The mantra of Access Consciousness® is “All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy and Glory”.
Access Bars helps you live out the mantra of Access Consciousness by helping “defrag” your brain, creating a sense of clarity, space, and peace you may not have experienced in years.  Access Bars is clinically proven to reduce anxiety and depression.
Gary Douglas, the Founder of Access Consciousness says, “Just try it.  At worst, you’ll feel like you just had a good massage. At best, your whole life will change.”


What They Say

Juanita Donkin

Just what you need if you want to spoil yourself. Professional service as well as great products.

Tammy Myburgh

Absolutely brilliant. So professional. Amy is amazing. Already thinking about booking my next treatment. Highly recommend.

Nicolene Middleton

What an amazing place! I have been going to them for 10 years now. Amazing team and wonderful service, will definitely recommend them to anyone. You have to try the massages and facials ☺️

Sally Levesque

I look forward to my regular R&R with Amy. Wonderful staff, great service, perfect location. Highly recommended.

5 stars

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